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Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to a medical/health website, including their identity, is respected by this website. Medstar® strives to honor or exceed the requirements of applicable medical/health information privacy laws.


Medstar Television® is a privately-held company which is not sponsored or funded by a third-party. Further, this website does not host or receive funding from advertising.

Legal Information

The MedstarSource® and MedstarAdvances® medical news stories are researched and written by experienced television journalists; the stories are comprised of interviews with physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as information obtained by researching medical journals and healthcare publications. While considerable care has been taken in the gathering of information, errors and omissions may occur. In addition, changes may occur after medical news stories are published, which affect the accuracy of the information presented.

The information on this website should not be used for diagnosis or treatment. The sole purpose of this website is to provide information; it is not to be viewed as a substitute for professional medical advice.

The content on this website may not be reproduced, transmitted, distributed or displayed without the express written consent of Medstar Television.


In order to use this website, a Username and Password are required. You are solely responsible for (1) maintaining the confidentiality of the Username and Password assigned to you; (2) not allowing unauthorized use of your Username and Password; (3) any charges, damages, or losses that may be incurred or suffered as a result of such unauthorized use; and (4) promptly informing Medstar in writing of any need to deactivate a Password due to security concerns. Medstar is not liable for any harm related to the theft of your Username and Password, your disclosure of your Username and Password, or your authorization to allow another entity to access and use the site with your Username and Password. You agree to immediately notify Medstar of any unauthorized use of your Username and Password.  


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